History of Shriram Tamtamwala

Shriram Tamtamwala is famous for its taste and quality. It has dominated the world of taste for the past 50 years. It is said "behind every successful man there is a woman" and was well proved by Smt. Kamlaben Gupta in the 1947 when her husband Lt. Shriram Durga Prasad Gupta, originator took the charge of his TamTam Namkeen basket (Khumcha) . The journey started from Wadi (Chokhandi) area and proceed whole day through the narrow streets of Wadi.
Ram Prasad Gupta used to roam along the streets of Chokhandi with basket (Khumcha) on his head to sell the namkins which marked his dignity of labour. The recipe was carried out at home and the procedure prolonged for about 10 to 15 years. Till today Smt. Kamlaben used to sit in the counter whole day.

Achievement or Success

He shifted himself to cart since the business was expanding and some more items were to be included because of its quality and demand. As years passed, the business comes to stationery at Chaukhandi when he laid the foundation of small shop. Earlier he used to prepare the Namkeen with hand later he seek help of the machine.
In the year 2006 he constructed his own building for the shop, today that has been converted to a Mall. After laying the foundation he could hardly survive for 9 more days. The business used to run whole night and most importantly, mango which is a seasonal fruit and is an ingredient of namkeen recipe is available throughout year since it comes from the southern part of India.
Automatic tamtam mixing machine has been introduced in the business to increase productivity. Today the production of tamtam is carried out with all high tech machines. The demand of Tamtam Namkeen is in peak demand during festive season. Special packing is made available for foreign land.

Clientele of Shriram Tamtamwala

Apparitional client are put together by Majority of schools, Banks, Indian oil Corporation Ltd., Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Cricketers, Member of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly, Indian petro-chemicals corporation Ltd., Non Resident Indian and many more.

We have explored the snack's world for the past two and half decade. Within few decades we have earned appreciation from customer for offering tasty and crispy snack food. The ingredients used for the production is slightly different that enables us to produce unique taste from the rest. We offer wide variety of flavour based on the predilection of the client. Blend of taste is preserved in our snacks to bring crispy and juicy buds.

Shriram Tamtamwala: Kansara Pole, Chokhandi Main Road, Vadodara 390017. Gujarat, India.
Customer Care: (0265)2582111, Email:info@shriramtamtamwala.com